Happy birthday, dear web site!

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Our little darling just turned one! On Saturday, August 15, CI's mobile-friendly responsive web site celebrated its first birthday, and we sure are proud of it.

It's been a great first year with our site. Here's what we have to show for it:

13% increase in pageviews of the CI web site overall
27% increase in pageviews of the About CI page
41% increase in pageviews of the Academics page
65% increase in pageviews of the Visit Campus and campus tours pages
69% increase in pageviews of the main Admissions page (Admissions & Costs)
145% increase in pageviews across all Admissions pages
468% increase in pageviews across all tuition and fees pages
1421% increase in pageviews of the Student Life page

...and other significant increases across academic and administrative web sites...

...and a 29% decrease in our bounce rate and a 39% decrease in exit percentage across all primary CI web site properties.

What do all these stats mean? They mean that more people are visiting the CI web site, and people are engaging more deeply with our web content.

If that wasn't enough, our web site was also recognized with 3 awards:

2014 Collegiate Advertising Awards Silver Winner in Website Design
2015 CASE District VII Award of Excellence (Bronze) for Institutional Web Sites (PDF)
30th Annual Education Advertising Awards Merit Award for www.csuci.edu 

Not too bad for a young university in Camarillo CA!

Since we launched, we've continued to make incremental improvements. Some highlights include:

  1. Establishing a rapid, rotating refresh cycle for the banner images on the CI home page.
  2. Changing the home page banners from static images to clickable images. We'll be keeping track of how this change in functionality increases our visitor interaction.
  3. Working closely with our Enrollment Management team to develop and deploy a new consolidated "Calendars" page, which combines events, important dates and deadlines for prospective and incoming students.
  4. Integrating new videos to help prospective students, parents and visitors to get to know CI.
  5. Migrating all but 3 of our academic program web sites to our new mobile-friendly, responsive web site design, including subsequent re-designs of the AnthropologyChicana/o Studies, and Nursing web sites.
  6. Upgrading our Google Analytics to use Google Tag Manager to help us better manage our web analytics. 
There's still a lot more that's in progress:

  • Migration of our GivingExtended University and Library web sites to our new mobile-friendly, responsive design
  • An updated electronic campus tour and viewbook
  • Updates to the Housing and Dining web sites
  • Migration of CI-developed web applications that are still using our legacy web framework.
How did we get here? A fantastic team of web professionals and student assistants worked with our entire campus community to turn ideas into reality, and our strategic partner Stamats helped us to identify and document an effective and long-lasting web and social media strategy. Check out last year's web site preview for more detail about the principles that guided the creation of our web site.

Please join me in celebrating the 1st birthday of the new CI web site, and I encourage you to share any comments or suggestions in the comments here (or via email to peter.mosinskis@csuci.edu).

Updated home page banner framework

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Today we launched updated banner framework for the CI home page. Now the banner images are clickable and take visitors to stories about CI. To start with, we'll be showing 3 images and stories related to students, student life, and faculty in rotation. We're excited about this change, and we'll be monitoring usage of these new banners carefully to see how they help improve engagement with our web site.

Screenshot of CI home page

Portfolio: John Spoor Broome Library

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After one full year of meetings, planning, designing and re-organizing content, Web Services is proud to announce the launch of the new John Spoor Broome Library web design.

The new design focuses on emerging web technologies and a more student friendly end user experience. With a cool and refreshing color palate, the site now provides a more pleasant and welcoming web experience. Sprinkled through the site are fun facts and a flickr image feed of images of the library.

Visit http://library.csuci.edu/ to view the site.

Video tutorials for Web Accessibility

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Some new video tutorials about Web Accessibility have been posted on the Web Services Web site. Developed by the Web Services team, the goal of this workshop is to build awareness of concepts surrounding accessibility and to develop the basic skills required to evaluate and repair web pages to make sure that they are accessible.

These videos will serve as a refresher for those who have attended the Web Technology Workshop - Web Accessibility I.

Portfolio: Bracero Exhibit

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Over the past few months, we've had the pleasure of working with the Center for Community Engagement to develop a Web site for a unique exhibit which arrives on campus in August.

We're happy to report the launch of the Bracero Exhibit Web site. The site was built to provide visitors with background information about the exhibit, which is organized by the Smithsonian’s National Museum of American History, and provides historical information, as well as a means to schedule group tours. It's also unique in that it's the first multilingual site we've developed (site is presented in both English and Spanish).

Visit http://www.csuci.edu/bracero-exhibit/ to view the site and get information about the exhibit.

About CI's Google Search

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CSUCI uses Google to provide search of its primary web sites, including www.csuci.edu. Learn more about our Google Search implementation.

We think it works pretty well, how has it been working for you?

Video tutorials for Collage

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Some new video tutorials for Collage have been posted on the Web Services Web site. Developed by the Web Services team, these tutorials provide step-by-step instructions for common tasks in Collage.

For now, they serve as a useful refresher for those who have attended the Web Technology Workshops for Collage and need to brush up. In the near future we hope to expand these video tutorials soon to provide more self-paced training opportunities for Collage.